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Sole to Soul with Kate Connell

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How can you prevent feeling burnt out and stressed during 2017? This treatment is a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science. A top to toe, multi layered approach crafted to your individual needs. A unique rebalancing treatment revives circulation, released muscle tension and resets your internal body clock. By combining reflexology, charkra balancing and a full body massage using lymphatic drainage techniques.

Starting with a foot ritual, reflexology to detox and energise, chakra balancing connecting you with your unique energy field, followed by a gentle head and body massage using lymphatic drainage techniques to improve blood flow and remove blockages.

This healing journey is completed with deep breathing and grounding exercises. A bespoke deeply relaxing treatment that induces a sense of wellbeing.

About kate

Kate is one of the haybarn’s specialist holistic therapists with more than 20 year of experience in the field of energy medicine and touch therapy. She brings a unique a fresh approach to wellbeing.

It is kate’s belief that we must take responsibility for our own health and wellness, be our own inner doctor by using the body’s natural self-repair mechanism. By using your gut instinct, the second brain, you are tapping into a healing process. Your wealth is your health.

90mins/£140. Call us now to book your experience at 01608 731703

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