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Sleep Healthy Programme

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This programme has been created to aid sleep and support those who find it hard to disconnect. Ultimately your quality and quantity of sleep, is affecting your health and can manifest itself in health issues such as anxiety, depression or even regular bouts of illness. If you suffer from work related stress, overpowering emotional thoughts or feelings and general poor bed time etiquette then the sleep easy program will provide guidance for a positive change. This programme is recommended to be completed within 4 weeks for most effective results.

Your package consists of:

Two de-stress massages. 55 mins, Bamford jade hot and cold stone treatment. 85 mins, Four sound healing classes. 60 mins, Two mindfulness meditation classes. 60 mins, Two yoga classes. 90 mins / complimentary bamford pillow mist

These packages may be taken over a period of a day, week(s), months – as you prefer, within twelve months of purchase.

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