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Personal Training with Baybora

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PERSONAL TRAINING WITH BAYBORA FOR CORE STRENGTH AND INJURY MANAGEMENT AVAILABLE MONDAY-WEDNESDAY £65 PER HOUR BOOK SIX SESSIONS FOR £325 OR 12 SESSIONS FOR £650 IMPROVE YOUR CORE STRENGTH AND FITNESS AND HELP TO AVOID INJURY. Baybora’s motivational and educational approach is suitable for all fitness levels. He provides training and guidance for both short-term and long-term goal planning and achievement. Baybora has developed nutritional and training plans for professional athletes from across the world and has also worked as a personal trainer supporting members of the Royal Family. He believes in success through motivation and positive thinking, and instills this in his clients. Baybora specialises in personal training, yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, exercise physiology, sports performance and nutrition.

BURN FAT FAST, 60 MINUTE, MONDAY 1.30PM-2.30PM £15 PER CLASS OR PURCHASE 6 SESSIONS FOR THE PRICE OF 5. High intensity interval training offering new ways to burn up to 900 calories in less than an hour! According to recent studies, this training is the most effective to stimulate the fat burning process and maximise toning!

CORE CONDITIONING, 60 MINUTE, TUESDAY 1.30PM-2.30PM £15 PER CLASS OR PURCHASE 6 SESSIONS FOR THE PRICE OF 5 This Full Body Circuit Class involves participants moving continuously around the grid doing a different workout move at each station. The main goal is hitting every body part in one session!

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