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Marion Gluck Clinic

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We are delighted to welcome back the Marion Gluck Clinic to the Bamford Haybarn Spa in 2018. Continuing this special partnership, one of Dr Gluck’s team will be available to offer patients a full hormonal health consultation and bespoke treatment plan to restore and maintain hormone balance.

Dr Marion Gluck trained as a medical doctor over 30 years ago and has worked all over the world as a women’s health specialist. She has been recognised as one of the top private doctors for her pioneering treatment in hormonal imbalances using natural, bio-identical hormones. Dr Gluck has founded the only UK clinic dedicated to bio-identical hormone therapy which delivers personalised care based on proven science for thousands of patients. Dr Gluck is passionate about the potential of bio-identical hormones to change the lives of women and men. It is her life’s work to educate people about hormonal imbalance and promote the life-changing effects bio-identical hormones can have, aiming to never hear another story of suffering that could have been avoided.

Initial consultation, 50 minutes: £350. Follow ups: £130. This is a “full hormonal health” comprehensive consultation to understand how hormones are effecting you, and what can be done. The consultation will leave you with a clear pathway to specific tests, and if appropriate, a bespoke treatment plan to balance hormones and improve overall health.

Clinic dates:

Monday 23rd April | Monday 21st May.
Appointments available between 10am-5pm.
To book please call 0207 402 2151

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