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Haybarn Mother to Be

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A tailored and relaxing day to ensure maximum benefits for mothers to be.

Bamford bespoke facial – 60 mins. We use our range of Bamford natural Skincare and concentrated elixirs to restore, rejuvenate and repair the skin. Our experienced therapist will seek to release tension on promote radiant complexion with a marriage of Facial reflexology, lymphatic drainage and stimulating lifting movements.

Followed by a Haybarn lunch. A delicious and simple organic lunch served at the Haybarn. Healthy and seasonal cold-pressed juices, salads and broths.

Bamford pregnancy massage – 60 mins. Starting with a soothing foot bath, this treatment is given as a back massage with the client seated in a comfortable position followed by a gentle massage to the feet and lower legs, arms and hands, and finishing on the shoulders, neck and head.

A plain vegetable oil is used as it is advisable to avoid essential oils during pregnancy.

Book your treatment: 01608 731703

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