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Deep Body-Mind Release with Helen Beale

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Helen works with body, mind and soul as seamlessly integrated aspects of our being. She can work on a specific part of the body using Craniosacral Therapy skills for subtle structural release, and at the same time engage with its emotional/ psychological/ spiritual energy.

25 years of training and experience, along with a natural sensitivity to subtle energies, have given her strong insight into the interconnected nature of the physical, the subtle energy-body, and the unconscious mind.

Helen is trained in the complex field of Craniosacral Therapy, a hands-on light-touch treatment grounded in the knowledge of osteopathy but a non-manipulative approach and subtle listening process. Within this modality she pursued specialised trainings, especially the dialoguing techniques of Somato-Emotional-Release and Therapeutic Imagery and Dialoguing, a unique approach to a direct dialogue with energy blocks/ unconscious tissue memory held within parts of the body. Helen has also studied therapeutic writing and has developed a unique writing process which can be included in a treatment.
Helen combines her physical skill, intuition and gentle calmness to provide a thorough, powerful and integrated healing experience.

£110/ 60 MIN, £160/ 90 MIN, £200/ 120 MIN

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