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Craniosacral Therapy with Helen Beale

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Craniosacral Therapy is a whole body, hands-on, light touch therapy which is powerful, subtle and non-invasive. Its origins are rooted in osteopathy and it has developed an extensive understanding of cerebrospinal fluid, energy movement and tissue memory along with an approach which is non-manipulative and truly holistic. It can release restrictions in connective tissues anywhere in the body without introducing force or re- traumatising. It is also deeply nurturing to the central nervous-system. Helen’s light touch feels deeply through the tissues to unlock and unravel a wide range of restrictions. The client remains fully clothed. Each body responds uniquely. Treatments offer a profound engagement with the body and most clients experience deep relaxation. CST is used to treat a wide range of problems such as: back pain, sciatica, neck problems, joint pain, sports injuries, jaw problems, trigeminal neuralgia, headaches, migraines, dental trauma, stress, anxiety, trauma.


Helen has been practicing CST for 15 years and has undergone specialist trainings in Paediatrics, Somato-Emotional Release and the Brain. Alongside CST training Helen has also studied massage, meditation, healing and therapeutic writing – all of which have deepened her understanding of the physical and energetic aspects of bodywork.

£110/ 60 MINS, £160/ 90 MINS, £200/ 120 MINS

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