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B Vibrant Energising Organic Infusion

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An energising blend of apple, orange peel and ginger, with invigorating pink and black pepper.

15x Biodegradable Crystal Teabags.

“The sun is a constant in our lives. Its vibrant energy sustains, nurtures and invigorates us and our World. Whenever possible, I spend time outdoors to life the spirit and connect with nature.” Carole Bamford

Boosts metabolism and supports the circulation system to energise the body.  Contains potent Gingerols known for their health boosting benefits.

Orange Peel
Uplifting and energising with powerful antioxidants.  Strengthens the body’s defence mechanisms with Vitamins C & A.

Pink Pepper
Contains powerful antioxidants to protect the body from free radicals.  Increases blood flow to improve circulation.


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Hot brew:
– Pour on freshly drawn boiled water and infuse for 6-10 minutes.

Cold Brew:
– Rinse 2 teabags in boiling water
– Pour over 1 litre of water and refrigerate for 6 hours.
– Serving suggestion – pour over ice.

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