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B Silent Night-Time Organic Infusion

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A sleep inducing infusion of lavender and passion flowers with hemp leaves, lemon balm and valerian root. Sleep peacefully and awaken restored.

15x Biodegradable Crystal Teabags.

“Sleep is one of the essential pillars of wellness. Taking time to be silent, simply disconnecting from the World and technology allows our mind and body rejuvenating rest.” Carole Bamford

Valerian Root
Assists with both falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep throughout the night, relaxing the nervous system and muscles.

Passion Flowers
Strong anti-anxiety properties, also contains a muscle relaxant and has analgesic properties.

Hemp Leaves
With powerful active cannabinoids, including CBD. Anti-inflammatory, reduces pain and anxiety.

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Hot brew:
– Pour on freshly drawn boiled water and infuse for 6-10 minutes.

Cold Brew:
– Rinse 2 teabags in boiling water
– Pour over 1 litre of water and refrigerate for 6 hours.
– Serving suggestion – pour over ice.

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