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Advanced Clinical Massage with Andrea Maria Lucas

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Andrea specialises in clinical bodywork massages for the treatment of chronic pain conditions.

Andrea uses a wide range of techniques to create bespoke treatment plans for her clients. Her bodywork treatment offers a nurturing space for reflection, relaxation and revitalisation helping to provide deep relief both physically and emotionally. Her attentive bodywork helps release muscular tension, resolve injury and awaken the conscious that reminds you the body can still be a source of pleasure.

Andrea is passionate about integrating wellbeing and embodies 25 years of clinical studies and experience of numerous disciplines and modalities, including anatomy, reflexology, acupressure, trigger point techniques, sports, stretching, medical and Swedish massage. . Working as a body and mind therapist – known as a guardian angel – she combines a highly developed intuition and an astute psychological insight together with an in-depth understanding of the human body, the female menopause and psyche. Through practice, she discovered that tensions in the body are a reflection of tensions in the psyche, and that different qualities of touch can soothe the heart and clarify the mind, release physical tension and restore the body to health.

£130 / 60min

£160 / 90min

£200 / 120min

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