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Pilates with Jamie Francis

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Pilates is a body conditioning routine that develops flexibility, muscle strength, endurance in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips and back. It focuses on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing and developing a strong core (centre), whilst improving coordination and balance.

ABOUT JAMIE FRANCIS: Jamie comes from a multi-faceted background of sport and exercise science. Having completed a Masters in Sports and exercise science at Oxford Brookes he has completed various professional Pilates, strength and conditioning courses. He believes Pilates should work with a holistic approach towards the body. Jamie teaches Pilates through initially strengthening the core, then integrating movement, connecting all the weaker body parts to the strong centre. The whole body becomes stronger as a result. Metaphorically, you strengthen the trunk of a tree and then integrate – not isolate- the branches. Through this process the spine returns to its naturally supple condition. Pilates is not just an exercise routine it facilitates a way of moving that enables our bodies to do tasks without injury, this can be lifting a baby out of a car or moving a heavy box.

£15 / 60min – To book this class please email james.es.francis@gmail.com

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