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The yak is a longhaired ox found throughout the very cold Himalayan region of south central asia. the undercoat is very soft and warm but the short length of the fibre makes it difficult to spin, unless combined with another longer fibre.

Bamford makes knitwear from a blend of yak and merino wool. the materials are soft, light and incredibly warm. as the yarn is so smooth we use it to accentuate the texture and detail of traditional knitted stitch structures. our beautiful moss stitch sweater has been part of the collection for many seasons.

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Organic Cotton

Conventional cotton is the world’s most widely used natural fibre and one of the most harmful to the environment, workers and farmers.  All of Bamford’s shirting is tailored from organic cotton sourced from an innovative mill in Switzerland, that specialises in the sustainable development and production of organic cotton.


One of the oldest textiles in the world, made from the fibres of the Flax plant, linen is an exceptionally breathable fabric, which has been valued for it’s cool freshness and unique qualities for centuries.

Highly durable, both the texture and appearance of linen improve with age, turning much-loved Bamford linen pieces into cherished wardrobe staples.


Bamford collaborates with a small family-owned workshop in Italy to create its lambskin items.  Extremely comfortable to wear due to its soft and supple nature, only an extremely skilled craftsman can align and join the pieces together. The end result is beautiful, warm clothing that melds to the wearer’s body.

Double Faced Cashmere

Bamford’s signature fabric, double faced cashmere, is the most revered of the woven cashmere fabrics.  Known for its extraordinary lightness, fine texture and versatility, two fine layers of cashmere are interwoven to create the double face.

Dyed whilst still in fibre form to produce a unique depth of colour and brushed during the finishing, the cloth also features artisan stitching techniques to achieve invisible seams and complete reversibility.


Cashmere is at the heart of each of our collections.  Sourced from the world’s best suppliers, whom we have built close, longstanding relationships with, we only use 100% pure cashmere.

Coveted for its extraordinary softness, preciousness and comfort, the downy under fleece fibres are harvested from goats in Northern China and Mongolia.

Each goat produces only a small amount of fine cashmere fibre each year, attributing to its value.  It takes the fleece of three goats to make just a single Bamford sweater.


Herded at high altitudes, Alpaca are bred for their unique fleece, which comes in 52 natural shades.

Hypoallergenic due to the absence of lanolin, the long, silky fibres are woven to create pieces that are both warmer and evidently softer than their wool equivalent.

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