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Pranayama works to establish regular breathing patterns by taking control of the breath and reestablishing the natural, relaxed rhythms of the body and mind. This one day workshop will teach you the basics of pranayama. For anyone who wishes to learn more about the pranayama from complete novices to the more experienced, Vettri has studied the ancient hatha yoga scriptures under the traditions of kaivalyadama.

He is disciple of renowned yoga master Sri Swami satchidananda and he has taught yoga and meditation for over 15 years to students from all walks of life. He is the author of the “guide to yogic practices”. Our breath is intimately linked to all aspects of the human experience. As the most vital process of the body, it influences the activities of each and every cell. Most importantly, the breath is intimately linked with the mind. While breathing is crucial to our existence and health, most people pay little attention to how they breathe. Many individuals use only a small part of the lungs capacity, which creates a shallow breath. When the breath is not full, the body is deprived of prana, the vital force essential to good health.

The programme: 11.00am Essential beginner’s hatha yoga and deep relaxation | 13.00 Vegetarian lunch | 14.00 basics of breathing and techniques for increasing lung capacity | 14.45 Vitalising techniques | 15.30 Energising techniques | 16.00 Sharing of thoughts

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