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ELEMENTS: The Beauty of Imperfection


2nd – 13th September 2017, Bamford Barn, Daylesford, Nr. Kingham, Gloucestershire.

16th – 23rd September 2017, Bamford, 62 South Audley Street, London W1.

We look forward to welcoming this beautifully curated exhibition to our programme of events this autumn.

The show brings together a group of highly skilled International craft artists and innovative designers who respond to elements of nature, through process, material and philosophy.  This ethos is core to our own philosophy at Bamford, where we appreciate the importance of  re-connecting with nature, we celebrate natural harmonies and the beauty of imperfection.  

In today’s world of technology, it’s reassuring that craft still has a distinct and powerful role to play in art culture and Bamford is dedicated to supporting these hand crafted skills.  This exhibition is particularly interesting because it demonstrates how traditional processes of hand-crafting with organic materials such as clay, wood and natural fibres are very much relevant in design and art today.

Featuring works by: Christian Burchard (USA), Ernst Gamperl (Germany), Akiko Hirai (UK), Marlène Huissoud (UK), Eleanor Lakelin (UK), Pascal Oudet (France), Michael Peterson (USA), Marc Ricourt (France), Wycliffe Stutchbury (UK), Nic Webb (UK), Joe Hogan (UK).