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The Rite of Spring with Cristina Chandika Ma

Date: Saturday 18th March

Time: 10.45AM - 16.45PM

Winter is getting near to an end and we are now approaching the Spring Equinox. For three days the Sun remains static between light and dark before the days become longer and nights shorter. The balance between dark and light reminds us of our inner balance and wholeness of body, mind and soul.

The whole of the human body has been integrated into a single unit in which body, mind and intelligence, consciousness and soul come together.
Though tremendous advances have been made by science and psychology over many centuries, no-one can define a frontier between body, mind and soul. They cannot be separated. Yet our everyday experience is of a great separation between these three.

Through the practice of Yoga, the intelligence of the body, the intelligence of consciousness and the intelligence of the soul become equally balanced and we reach the highest state of wisdom, integration and true health.


10.45 – 1.00pm – Practice of Yoga postures, guided relaxation and expansion of vital energy through control of breath
1.00 – 2.00pm – Organic vegetarian lunch from the farm
2.00 – 3.00pm – Silent walk in nature
3.00 –3 .30pm – Introduction to the chakras & crystal healing
3.30 – 4.45pm – Chakra healing meditation and deep relaxation


Cristina Chandika Ma has been studying and practising yoga for over 15 years and has been teaching since 2004. She is a registered Yoga teacher (advanced level – SYT senior yoga teacher) with the Yoga Alliance UK. Her teaching is based in the unity of body, mind and soul through deep asana, powerful alignment, pranayama, meditation and sanskrit chanting, leading you from separateness to integration.

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