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Bamford Pedicure Ritual

We are delighted to introduce our collaboration with Kure Bazaar. The unique colour effects deliver impeccable resistance and a glossy finish that cares for and preserves the quality of the nail. Loved and recommended by top manicurists and beauty editors worldwide. Available in over 80 vibrant shades and the very first 100% natural nail polish remover.

We begin by cleansing and removing any old polish, then shape the nails and remove all rough and dry skin. Kure Bazaar pedicure gloves are then used to soften skin and cuticles. A full lower leg exfoliation leaves your skin smooth and soft, while cuticle work leaves nails neat and tidy. Finally, an application of Bamford Body Cream is massaged into feet and the lower legs to help detoxify and release ingrained tensions, before a Kure Bazaar nail polish of your choice is applied.

£60 / 60min
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